A modern mystery

Nuaj' is a lot of things !

Nuaj' is a rendering framework

It's very neat, quite small an what I call "goal-oriented", meaning that all the code in Nuaj' is focused on achieving your goal. That means no extra code was developped "just for fun", all the code was tested at some point because it was needed for the final goal : rendering a cool effect like my real time caustics here:

Or this nice hack of video copilot's lens-flares:

Unfortunately, it's been somewhat abandonned due to large amounts of work on other Nuaj' clones...

Nuaj' is a Unity plug-in to render realtime clouds

I sell this plug-in for a modest 125$, you can find all the necessary details on my companion site here.

Here is a demonstration of what Nuaj' 1.0 can achieve:

This has also been kind of abandonned due to large amounts of work on EVEN ANOTHER Nuaj' clone !
(although I would like to reassure the guys who bought Nuaj' for Unity : I WILL come back very soon to fix these bugs on version 3.5 !) (and also to add a couple more neat features I've learned since then)

Nuaj' is a standlone PC SDK to render even better realtime clouds

I have been busy developping Nuaj' for UbiSoft Montréal as a special standalone SDK that will soon be embedded into one of UbiSoft's next productions.

I don't have the authorization to tell more about it but I can post some of the latest snapshots I managed to achieve.
(remember that everything is animated at about 120 FPS on a GeForce 580 GTX)