4K Nerveux

4K Nerveux is a small 4 kilobytes intro (3938 bytes actually) that was coded in 4 days (1 kilobyte a day). Unfortunately, it does not stand as a real 4K intro because there is no music.

This little piece of code works with DirectX9 and renders a sort of atomic explosion mushroom cloud. It features some funky fluid simulation in radial slices that evolve a velocity field later used to advect density and temperature.
Temperature is then cooled down with time and altitude and the usual black-body spectrum is used to render the color of a fluid cell for a given temperature.
This "3D fluid simulation" is then ray-marched with 96 steps to accurately account for light exctinction and scattering by this dense and low-albedo medium.
Finally, a strange radial-blur post-process is applied to the rendering for some unknown reason, possibly because it would make this cluttered bunch of code ultimately beautiful ! Obviously, it's a complete failure...

You can download the intro from Pouët.net.
Source code is available here.

The program takes quite a long time to boot up so please be patient for about 40 seconds of black fullscreen emptiness before you decide to curse me and my fu..ing code !
In case it wouldn't start at all, you can watch it in video with the excellent music from Parov Stelar: